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Adam Kendall
Video. Music.
Alberto Vignani
MIDI transformations, algorithmic garbage for sampled orchestra
Networked Kreeda | Ludic Raga | Tantric Kulture
Al Steffens
Csound compositions in the New Age, ambience and experimental genre
Andrea Polli and Kurt Ralske
Datareader for Max
Andrzej Koper
Improvised Compositions:acoustic, electroAcoustic and electronic music
Anthony Kozar
Dark and minimalist sonic terrains
Anthony Saunders
microsound, musique concrete and blistering harsh noise
Dramamine-inspired granular fun
Barry Dillon
Acousmatic and Electroacoustic sound collages
Benton-C Bainbridge
Video Artist & Performer
Bernardo Barros
Composer/improviser of electronic and chamber music
Bobby Whelan
Composer, performer and instrument builder - Electroacoustic Music
Bogdan Soban
Generative Art - Entirely Computer Generated Images - Generative programs - Free download
Bruce Tovsky
Video/Sound artist and improvisor
Bryan Eubanks

C.A. Sinclair
Elecroacoustic computer musician from Vienna, Austria
creating digital havoc in the english countryside…
Chris Mann
Australian composer working in compositional linguistics
Christian Galarreta
Computer musician, generative audio, experimental music, PD, improviser, etc
Christopher Ariza
Composer and programmer of sonic structures and systems.
Audio Feedback/Csound Research to find the craziest sound ever recorded
Dan Friedman
Careful sounds; Csound post-processing and composition.
Daniel Iglesia
generative audio/video, realtime improv systems
Dave Seidel
Slow music with strange consonances: microtonal drones and instruments made with Csound
David Kendall
Supercollider, Pure Data: compositions, improvisations, collaborations
David Morneau
music. video.
David Morris
Improvised musical collage from sound effects, nature and instrumental samples, and software for it
Digital/analog fusion experiments
Julian Oliver and Steven Pickles
Realtime 3D improvisation/composition environments
dewdrop world
Algorithmic ambient and techno
Dion Workman
makes noise
Don Relyea
generative art and video, math art and electronic music
Dorothy's Magic Bag
Music made with the Kung Kroisus Soundsystem
Intermedia Performance: Dance, Music, Video, Installation
a trans-media interactive; recombining itself with the pre-sampled observer as a non-linear non-ending collaboration to re-interpret all forms and processes in real time.
dedicated to the eclectic art of live accompaniment in cinema.
Erik Maes-MedMud
Sonic and visual treatments, digital art
Escape from the Head Cube
Live, loud and noisy electronics with SuperCollider, controlled using joysticks.
Idea allowed voice, to be freed of arbitrary inhibition.
Experimental video processing and computer music performance.
Falko Kugelmehl
grant sounds
Databending via Caramel Lite
electronic minimalism
Frank Richter
generative art (involving fractured projections of n-dimensional hypercubes)
Gary Lawrence Murphy
Investigations into the neuro-cognitive linguistic connections and the intrisic common structure of music and language.
Georg Holzmann
sound-artist, programmer, media-art, … whatever you want to hear ;)
Giorgos Stefanou
Electroacoustic composer.
Gordon Monro
Algorithmically-generated sounds and video.
Guilherme Rebecchi Kawakami
Hans Straub
Audio via software for the Commodore 64, and music created with mathematical methods
Hans-Christoph Steiner
fusing timbral music with minimalism, exploring interactive use of sound
Hector LLanquín
blabla bla virtual b blaa audio bl a a photo blabla granular bla bla bla drones blabñblabal
What could have been will never be.
Hypocrisy International
An unspeakably brilliant marriage of deterministic and stochastic processes producing rhizomatic music. Money back guarantee.
Generative stuff, electronic music, new media and audio installations.
Irad Lee
sound design + cross media
Jason Thomas
Algorithmic computer music compositions
João Ricardo
Electronic music compositions
Joe Foster

John ffitch
Chaotic oscillators mapped to different pitch systems and sounds
John Greene
Fleen project. Art code. Generated stuff.
John Nowak
Ruccas.org founder
Joshua Parmenter
Real-time electronics and algorithmic composition
Digital Art. Video. Music.
I don’t have enough time to learn generative stuff so I try to make my brain generative instead. audio/code/visual/web
Karen Kuslansky
Manipulation of random chopped up loops layered via unconscious means
Karlheinz Essl
Generative software art and audio plus essays on improvisation with computers
Keith Handy
Randomly generated images from anchor points and competing layers
Experimental noise ambient project
laptop orchester
Berlin based ensemble which (re-)interprets and (de-)constructs elektroacoustic pieces of contemporary audio art.
l a u t
laptop/sax duo currently based at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast
Li-Chuan Chong
Theorizing sound through digital manipulation
Lou Cohen
Algorithmic composition, digital video and animation
Manrico Montero
Field recordings & Soundscape Composition
mostly Csound experiments and python code
Plicks and clocks for aural enjoyment
Mario de Vega
Plunderphonics and glitch sampling with hacked toys
Mark Cooley
Audio recontextualization using HyperEngine
Markleford Friedman
Custom-coded generative & gestural improvisers
Materia Confusa
Musique Concrete for the modern age
Experiments with beatboxing, breaks, and SuperCollider composition
Software production with Max/MSP
Michael Duffy
Searching for sonic pleasure via Max/MSP and found sounds from field recordings and databending
Michael Gogins
Algorithmic music composition using a variety of methods, rendered with Csound
Miguel Álvarez-Fernández
Interactive sound installations, electroacoustic compositions, experimental music…
Mikael Karlsson
Anything once, nothing twice. Music of annoying diselegance and sweetness. Sometimes I’m wrong.
Electronic and acoustic experimental approach by Björn Eriksson
Audio generated via stochastic means and FM synthesis
Short recontextualized audio experiences
ideas that are so bad that they’re not even wrong
Nikola Jeremic
composer, programmer, video art
Beatific dissonance
Pablo Sanz Almoguera
Sonic + Visual Explorations
Pau Torres
Composer, musician & sound designer
Paul Shuler
Circuit Bent Sound Exploration
PerMagnus Lindborg
Electronic & paper composition and performance
Peter Prautzsch
reconstructed fieldrecordings and textures
Peter William Holden
Computer choreographed installations
Philip Galanter
Generative art, complexity theory, art theory
Pierre Proske
Biologically inspired generative art and general digital deception
Generative audio via the Nord Modular and Reaktor
Potter-Belmar Labs
Improvised live cinema
Rafael Flores
Audio making use of EI
Rene Wooller
LEMu realtime MIDI sequencer
Audio software for OS 9
Juanjosé Rivas
Noise ambient, Video, Circuit Bending
Richard Garet
Rod O'Connor
Supercollider, algorithmic composition, improvisatory responsive structures.
Found sound, field recording, A/D collage
Samuel Monnier
Algorithmic and fractal art.
Sean Clute
Intermedia art, sound, video
data, animation and music
Sergio Luque
Acoustic and electronic music
Shintaro Miyazaki
sound+visuals (supercollider+processing), field recs, violine, laptop, gamecontroller
Sol Rezza
Sound Artist,Sound Design and Multimedia Artist.
Field recordings, databending, and realtime processing
Biding time, adjusting outlooks, composing, conducting, installing and performing
Stefan Tiedje
Intuitive and Algorithmic Music
Stephane Boussuge
Algorithmic music for virtual instruments/orchestra
Using essentially Symbolic Composer software
Svetlozar Aneef
Bored bedroom mouseclicker from Bulgaria
Programmatic music via GeoMaestro
Thadeus Frazier-Reed
Audio software for OS X based on genetic algorithms
Vasya Kuznetsov
Sonification of ISDN, ADSL, and VOIP data
Vera Bighetti
Web-based interactive audio/video
Wayne Clements
Writing Machines
y aki q? things by natividad plasencia and iñaki ríos
Your Name Here
Audio recontextualization
Zeigarnick Effect
Electronic composition


shamanic code brut constructing an artistic operating system
Automatous Monk
Elementary cellular automata evolutions mapped to musical melodies
algorithmic, computer-generated podcast and vodcast from Christopher Ariza
Instrument - combination of “play telephone” and “audio feedback”
Chopping MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3 Script for UNIX-based boxes
Itinerarios del sonido
Public sound art project in Madrid, Spain
ixi software
Experimental music software exploring GUI’s as control structures
MaxMSP(Jitter)-based open source live improvisation toolkit
ongoing net.art.installation project-realtime cable news cross referencing
interactive webradio with an automatic radio-moderator and DJ
Dictionary of Pop Music + Bootleg Machine
Automated net radio station that streams realtime generative music
a community web sound art project: compress your life into 30 seconds
A strategy to deal with spam by transforming noise into signal
Sound-toy to record and publish on-line audio messages